Berlin International College(BIC)


    Preparation programs forbachelor's and master's degrees in engineering, IT, and related technicaldegrees in Germany

    Berlin International College(BIC) is a pathway college in Germany offering preparation programs foruniversity study in Germany. BIC specializes in preparing and qualifyinginternational students for study at a German university in engineering, IT, ora related technical field. However, there are courses and modules relevant forGermans as well. Included in a BIC Preparation Program is conditional placementat a partner university -the condition is successful graduation from BIC. BICworks with some of the best universities in Germany to offer:

    Bachelor of Arts (BA)

    ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  Master of Engineering (MEng)

    A BIC Preparation Program is anideal first step on the path to academic success. You will be introducedto German academic culture and fundamental learning skills geared to theGerman university. There is a special focus in the BIC PreparationProgram on mathematics because this subject is most critical toengineering and the natural and physical sciences.

    Together with your admission toBIC, you will receive a conditional acceptance letter to a degreeprogram of your choice. There is no additional entrance examination uponyour arrival in Germany -your place in the BIC Preparation Program, FSPprep-course (if required), and placement at a partner university are guaranteedupon your acceptance to BIC. 

    How to get started:

    1. Find a relevant degree program on this website
    2. Determine which BIC Preparation Program you need
    3. Submit an application!


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