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Students have set high demands and certain criterions when it comes to choosing a study abroad destination. The chief requisite in a study abroad destination is definitely a top quality of education and internationally recognized degrees. Finland tops in its education quality and facilities, effective research, highly prestigious and esteemed higher education institutes, state of the art facilities and cultivated and experienced faculty members. Though geographically, Finland is located at the far northern zone of Europe, but it is a developed country, has high standards of living, high income economy and political stability. It is an ideal place for foreign students to settle down after study as the Finnish government allows foreign students to extend their visas for job search for one year. The general requirements of studying in abroad for third country nationals or Non-EU/EEA nationals is briefly explained the following article:


Admission Requirements 2020 of Finnish Universities for Pakistani Students:

Finnish universities offer plethora of English taught courses for each academic level and study stream. The Finnish universities have broad based curriculum design and internationally recognized degree structure. As you finalize the study programme you want to study and the university you want to enroll in Finland, check the eligibility criteria and tuition fee structure. After comparing fee structure of as many universities as you can and pick the one which is most suitable according to your budget. The eligibility criterion for admission to foreign universities at different academic levels in Finnish Universities is as follows:


Under Graduate Admissions Requirements in Finland 2020 for Pakistani Students:

Higher Secondary School Certificate or Equivalent Degree, Entry Test Passing Certificate of SAT, IB, EB an RP or DIA examinations etc, Interview will be taken, letter of motivation and English Language Proficiency Test Certificate.


Post Graduate (Masters) Admissions Requirements in Finland Universities 2020 for Pakistanis:

Bachelors Honors Degree (4 Years Duration Degree Programme) is accepted for Masters Admission, the Bachelors degree must be acquired from an internationally recognized university of your country. The Bachelors degree with 180 ECTs will be accepted. Motivation letter and interview will be taken to assess academic capability of candidate. If the student fulfills this criterion then admission will be considered. English Language Proficiency Test Certificate will be required for admission in English taught study programme.


Post Graduate (PhD) Admissions in Finland 2020 for Pakistani Students Guide:

Bachelors Honors Degree, Masters Degree acquired from an internationally recognized university of the applying candidate. Both the degrees must be passed with high grades or at least having 180 ECTs. Research proposal, research experience, Updated CV, Work experience in the applying field will be required. The candidate will be asked to attend an interview taken by faculty research supervisor which will decide the acceptance of admission. English Language Proficiency Test Certificate is required for admission in English taught study programme.


Student Permit of Finland or Student Visa of Finland 2020

The student permit of Finland is granted to the foreign nationals who are enrolled in a full time study programme at a Finnish University. The student visa of Finland is granted to the foreign nationals who are enrolled in a short time study programme in Finland. The procedure for attaining either student permit or student visa is the same; it will start when you receive a letter of acceptance from Finnish higher education institute. After being granted admission by Finnish higher education institute, you will visit Finnish Embassy or Consulate located in your country for visa enquiry. The required documents might be different for each country’s nationals. In general following documents will be required for student visas of Finland:

  • Original Letter of Acceptance from Finnish University

  • Transcripts of Academic records (Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, Accolades)

  • Proof of Finances (The Students must prove that he/she can spend 560 Euros per month or 6720 Euros per year through authenticated Bank Statement)\

  • Proof of Arranged Accommodation in Finland. (rental contract, booking receipt, residential address)

  • Proof of Paid Tuition fee

  • Health Insurance Coverage

  • Medical Examination Certificate

  • Clearance Letter from Police Station (As Proof of Good Character of Candidate)

  • English Language Proficiency Test Certificate


Permanent Residency of Finland Requirements 2020 for Pakistani Students

Foreign national can attain permanent residency of Finland after completing four years of continuous stay in Finland on legal documents. For foreign students, Finland has two generous offers. A) If they found employment by the end of their study programme when their study permit is still valid, they can at once get work permit of Finland. B) If they do not have found employment by the end of their study programme and their study permit is still valid they can request for one year visa extension for the purpose of job search. As soon as fresh graduates found employment in Finland, they can apply for work permit that is suited to their salary scale. To attain work permit of Finland, the foreign national must be offered a job that pays them at least 1,211 Euros as per 2019 review. The minimum pay scale is reviewed annually. The work permit will be granted for one year duration at first which can be extended every based on status of employment contract and other perquisites.(Read Complete Details about Pathway to Permanent Residency of Finland for Foreign National Here).


Living and Study Expenses in Finland for Pakistani Students

As per the requirement of Finnish student permit and visa, a foreign national has to prove that he/she can spend 560 Euros per month to afford their living expenses. Evidently, a student requires 560 Euros per month to solely afford living expenses in Finland that includes: accommodation, food, travel and entertainment. The affordability of living expenses however mainly depends on a person’s lifestyle and spending habits. If the students spent money responsibility and thoughtfully, they can even save some amount for payment of their tuition fee. The living and study expenses estimation in Finland for a student is as follows:


Study Expenses:

  • Under Graduate Study Programme Tuition fee: 1000 to 1200 Euros per year

  • Post Graduate Study Programme (Masters) Tuition fee: 12,000 to 13,000 Euros per Year

  • Post Graduate Study Programme (PhD)  Tuition fee: PhD studies is free of cost in Finland regardless of student’s nationality


Living Expenses:



  • University or Dormitory Single Room: 380 to 400 Euros per Month

  • A Single Room in Shared Private Accommodation: 300 to 400 Euros per month

  • 1 Bedroom Flat or Studio Apartment in Central City Area: 724 Euros per month

  • 1 Bedroom Flat or Studio Apartment outside Central City Area: 600 Euros per Month



  • 1 liter fresh milk bottle: 0.93 Euros

  • 1 loaf of fresh white bread: 1.83 Euros

  • 1 Kg white rice: 1.68 Euros

  • Dozen eggs: 1.82 Euros

  • 1 Kg local cheese: 6.02 Euros

  • 1 Kg boneless chicken breast meat: 9.35 Euros

  • 1 Kg beef meat: 12.72 Euros

  • 1 Kg apples: 1.98 Euros

  • 1 Kg bananas: 1.52 Euros


Part Time Work Permission in Finland for Pakistani Students 2020:

For part time jobs in Finland while studying, the third country nationals or Non-EU/EEA nationals have to face certain restrictions. The restrictions involve permission of working only in the fields that are related to study course, the university attendance should not be comprised, the required grades in studies must be met, the entire living and study expenses of students must not be entirely dependent on salary earned from part time jobs and students would have to pay tax from their income. During semesters the students can only work 20 hours a week and on semester breaks there is no restriction on working hours and job type. There are career centers in universities that aid foreign students in finding part time jobs related to their study course outside and inside university campus. The students are also allowed to find an internship on their own behalf by sending CVs or applying online at the companies and firms unless the job type has relevance to study course and it does not collide with university timings. The jobs ads can be found on online job portals and local newspapers.


Latest Post Study Job in Finland for pakistani Students:

The attractive feature of Finland as a study abroad destination is permission of post study work visas to fresh graduates and foreign nationals. The only requirement is to get a work permit of Finland is to meet the minimum income criterion. A foreign national must at least earn 1,211 Euros per month as per the review of 2019. The highly qualified and specialists of fields have different minimum income requirements and work permit type. The foreign nationals can apply for work permit of Finland if they found an employment in Finland and those who have completed their study from Finland can extend a one year visa for job search purpose as well. (Read Details about Types of Post Study Work Permits in Finland and its Requirements Here).


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