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Study abroad in Singapore for Pakistani students

latset study abroad in singapore scholarships guide for Pakistani students

This small Asian Island emerged on the map in 1965 as a country. Since then, the country becomes one of Asia's economic "tigers”. This nation grows with an extra pace and become known as one of the world’s chief commercial hubs. Singapore is both an island and a country and is best defined as a city-state. Singapore, in fact, has the fourth biggest financial centre which resides internationally significant banks, businesses and stock exchanges. Moreover, the country homes one of the world’s five busiest ports. The country comprises the island of Singapore and 63 other smaller islands. The capital city is also called Singapore. The city covers about a third of the area of the main island. The official currency is Singaporean Dollar.


Languages and Religions in Singapore

English, Tamil, Malay, Mandarin, Chinese and Arabic are the languages spoken and understood in Singapore. It allows believers of all faiths like Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists etc to pursue their religious rituals freely.


Multicultural Population

People from various cultures reside in Singapore as the highest population belongs to China; in fact, Chinese comprises more than 75% of Singapore's population, with Malays and Indians following as the next dominant races. Almost the entire population lives in modern apartments, and the average per capita income of the country is over US$12,000 which makes the country the most preferred study abroad destination that offers diverse employment opportunities.


Singapore as a Study Abroad Destination for Pakistani Students 2020

Nowadays, Singapore has become the best Asian study abroad destination for Pakistani Students. The country is offering the most up to date courses in multiple disciplines. Top-ranked universities reside in Singapore that renders the latest academic curriculum at an affordable cost. According to the valid QS ranking the Singaporean National University (NUS) is ranked as the 15th best university in the world with National Technological University( NTU) following NUS. Moreover many international institutions have opened their campuses in Singapore to cater to the Asian population. Engineering Sciences and Business Management are the top picked courses in Singapore. All degree level courses like undergraduate, graduate and postgraduates with most modern research facilities are delivered at Singaporean universities. These universities also offer polytechnic courses and diplomas.


Jobs for Pakistani Students

Students are allowed to work while studies in limited hours and the graduates can hunt job after completion of their studies. Eligible candidates can get a full-time job with a long term work permit opening paths for Singapore permanent residency and eventually to Singaporean Citizenship.


Financial Assistance for International Students

Singaporean Government has facilitated overseas students by offering effective tuition Grant Scheme. Through this Scheme, all international students can apply in Singaporean university and can apply for the grant provided they should serve for at least three years in any Singaporean company after the completion of their studies. Singapore universities also offer scholarships and study loans to students who do not afford the high cost of tertiary education at Singaporean higher education institutes.


Singapore, the Country

The country is located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula and enjoys a tropical climate. This weather attracts global tourist and investors to visit Singapore. The island retains exceptional infrastructure and thus tourist from all around the world wish to visit the safe, clean and green country. The airport in Singapore is called Changi Airport. The airport provides a platform to reach the major cities around the world. Singapore has clean, fast and efficient train and subway systems. In addition, it resides a state-of-the-art cruise terminal for marine transit. Singapore provides access to swift and reliable Public transportation. In fact, visitors can access all major attractions via a bus tour.


Entertainment, Food and Festivals

Marina bay sands, Singapore zoo, orchard road and many other places are the tourist favourites. The theatre is well flourished in the country. In fact, Singapore dance theatre is globally acclaimed. Kueh Tutu is Singapore’s exotic traditional dish. It was named after the ‘tutu’ sounds which steamers release when water was boiling! The dish is stuffed with peanut or coconut and is served with Pandan leaves. A lot of festivals are celebrated throughout the country. The most unique is Thaipusum in which Sharp skewers pierced through tongues, cheeks and bodies as a practice of self-mortification to worship Lord Murugan. This festival is compared to the popular Thanksgiving festival.

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