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Study abroad in Germany for Pakistani students

step by step updated guide for Pakistani students to stduy in Germany

Germany is the most preferred study abroad destination in Europe. This country host millions of international students every year and offers the latest scientific and research based study courses to both local and international students. It is the most picked study destination after America and UK. In fact, Germany is ranked in the top 10 best places to study abroad. In German institutions students enjoy a comprehensive academic and social atmosphere.

 The number of international students has continued to increase around 8 percent over the past few years. Through this rate Germany will meet its target of enrolling 350,000 international student s by 2020 three years ahead of the planned schedule.   


Tuition Free Degree Courses

The most attractive offer for international students are the tuition free study programs rendered by German public universities. The public universities in Germany offer free or very low-fee tuition programs for international students. These low cost courses are available in almost every field of study including Engineering, Medicine, Business and Arts. International students fly Germany to seek high quality education in a unique cultural lifestyle.


Highly Reputed Unified Education System in Germany 

Universities in Germany run under the Bologna reform. According to this reform, all students whether national or international get a unified mode of education. The degrees issued in all categories like bachelors, masters or PhD are internationally recognized. Around 47 universities in Germany are considered as the best institutions in the world. According to a 2018 German report, nearly 35% of foreign students choose Germany for its low or no tuition fee universities. While twenty-nine percent are impressed with the quality of education and academic staff in the German institutes.


Best Universities in Germany for Pakistani Students 2020

There are nearly 400 officially recognized universities throughout Germany offering more than 15000 study programs. Many German universities are popular for their high international rankings.  Germany’s most prestigious universities include LMU Munich, Technical University of Munich and Humboldt University of Berlin. Some other prestigious German institutes are

  • Hochschule Bremen - International Graduate Center

  • University of Mannheim

  • University of Cologne

  • Wismar University


Variety of Study Courses

In reputable German tertiary education institutes, study courses from every field of life are taught. International students can study any subject in Germany .The sub categories of engineering courses like Aeronautics, automobile or robotics Have a Hub in Germany Likewise German institutes render the most comprehensive courses in Arts, Music and other relevant fields. German business schools are top-ranked and business management degrees are highly recognized around the world. According to a recent survey international students chiefly enrolled in the following German courses

  • Engineering    

  • Business Management

  • Humanities

  • Math

  • Information Technology

  • Fine and Applied Arts


English Taught Courses

Previously German institutes offer only German taught study programs but with time Germany has modified its medium of instruction in academics. To attract more and more foreign students many English-taught study programs are introduced. Thus, many courses and degree programs are now offered in English. Most of these courses are offered at the master’s degree level but gradually English taught courses are also being incorporated in other degree courses. Currently, there are about 1450 English taught courses in German Universities.


Research Opportunities

German universities provide excellent environment for research and development. German institutions introduce doctoral research in the nineteenth century. German universities and specialist research centres offer innovative, tuition-free, postgraduate programs with the latest research and development technology and equipment.


German Language

Studying abroad in Germany will give you an opportunity to learn German. German is considered as the tenth most spoken language in the world. There are about 185 million German speakers worldwide. German is becoming increasingly popular. Goethe-Institutes around the world report that nearly 235,000 people were learning German at Goethe-Institutes around the world.


Scholarship Programs

Besides free tuition, German institutes also offer scholarship programs to eligible students. There are numerous scholarships providers that help international students to study at German universities and colleges with fringe benefits. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is one of the world’s largest funding organizations for academic exchanges in the world.


Stable Economy

Economically Germany is among the strongest nation of the world. There are countless job opportunities for international graduates in almost every field of life.  World’s largest industries are established in Germany. Moreover, Germany is the country for every type of engineers. Entrepreneurs also have a wide horizon to start up their companies. The latest techno- oriented study courses are taught in this land of thinkers in almost no cost. Germany is the fourth-largest economically established country according to nominal GDP in the world. Moreover, Germany is the third largest exporter in the world.


After Study Job Prospects in Germany for Pakistani Students 

Due to a firm position in the global economy, Germany offers countless job opportunities. After completing a degree in Germany, international students can stay for up to 18 months in Germany to search a qualification related job. Germany needs many skilled workers by 2030, therefore, opens many job opportunities for foreigners. Three- fourths of business students get employment within six months of graduation.


Part Time Job Opportunities in Germany 2020

Students living in Germany can easily afford the cost of living via part time job. Although it is a tuition free destination, still students have to bear many other expenses. German education system offers miscellaneous means of funding. Many scholarships like DAAD are offered to students that cover accommodation and other expenses. Moreover, part-time jobs like Research assistant or other jobs in a company are available for students. Students can work in restaurants, libraries, supermarkets, etc. International students are allowed to work for 240 half days or b120 full days in a year. According to an estimation, more than 60% of international students work part-time while studying in Germany.


Travel Europe

Besides studying, living in Germany provides you with an opportunity to travel across various countries. With a German student visa, the student is allowed to travel to 26 European countries without any restrictions.


Contemporary Living

Not just a single city, but Germany entails a long list of cities that resides reputed institutes for international students .Some of these cities include  Berlin  Cologne (Koln), Frankfurt  , Hamburg and Munich. All these cities provide a quality lifestyle with all modern convenience. Tasty cuisines, shopping malls, Wi-Fi accessibility and effective public transport system have made Germany a dream destination to reside. Large cities have public transport accessibility with a subway system and bus /streetcar networks. You can reach anywhere in Europe swiftly via train or plane.  From skiing to mountaineering students can enjoy many excursions in Germany at affordable prices.

Thus there are various factors that made Germany a hot favourite destination for international students who want to study abroad in Europe.

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