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It is an educational and immigration establishment which is headed by Umar Arif (C.E.O and Founder of and a Co-Founder Sobiya Rajpari, to inculcate their holistic proficiencies to the benefit of thousands of people who wish to seek greener pastures of the abroad countries. It has been launched recently and so far, it has overpowered a huge following of eager students and enthusiastic individuals seeking to attain a better future to settle in an in a foreign country.

We have a quintessential team of legal advisors, educational consultants and immigration experts that have patronized hundreds of people with their valuable insight upon the queries related to the process of obtaining an immigration to pursue a futuristic opportunity of higher education. We have helped different people from various walks of life attain their lifelong aspirations and rendered them with our deep experience to carve a niche of their own by choosing the most appropriate educational path for their better future.

We cater to the demands of our clients and help them choose the best mode of immigration and visa applications and subclasses, to the most modernized countries of the world such as the UK, USA, Australia and Canada, pertaining to the specific requirement of every client on an individualistic front. We have been trained to deal with the diverse queries and cases of different personnel who wish to study and settle in the aforementioned countries and hence, due to our diligent efforts and unequaled class of ceaseless determination to fulfill the dreams of our clients, we have been gratified massively in a short spell of time. Our ubiquitously hailed motto lies the propitiously coined slogan “The World is waiting” and hence, we open the doors of success to the El Dorado of dreams through our establishment, Geo Consultants, which is sure to become one of the finest educational and immigration consultancy marques of Pakistan one day.

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