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Privacy Policy

Last Updated on August 4th, 2019

Study Visa Service collects user data at various places on the website such as registration form and login area. Every effort is made to keep this data secured. However, there are services such as study abroad inquiry where students provide their data to get free advice on study abroad.This information is shared with limited number of studies abroad consultants inPakistan. Keep in mind that if you are putting an online inquiry for study abroad advices, your data would be shared with respective consultants or can beused for promotional activities of our valued customers.

The website or online service, and portions of otherwebpages or online content through which you have accessed this Privacy Policy(collectively, this “Site”), is owned and operated by ISS GROUP & StudyVisa Service (hereafter referred to as "we," "us,""our" or "Study Visa Service"). This Privacy Policydescribes how we treat personal information received about you when you visitour Site such as the collection and use of the personal information youprovide. It also describes the choices available to you regarding the use of,your access to, and how to update and correct your personal information.

This Privacy Policy applies to all ISS GROUP, and all otherwebsites and applications that link to this Privacy Policy (“Services”). Other privacy policies may apply to some of our offerings.  Please see thePrivacy Policy Scope section below.  Please read this Privacy Policy carefully,because by visiting or using this Site, you agree to its terms.

Information that We Collect

Personal Information: Depending on the Services you arevisiting or using, we may collect various times of information from and aboutyou, including information that can personally identify you.  Thisinformation includes, but is not limited to: name, age, postal address, emailaddress, telephone number, fax number, short message service or text messageaddress, other wireless device address, instant messaging address, demographicinformation, education and scholastic information (including but not limited tolevel of education, desired level of educational program, and areas ofinterest), current occupation, military status, governmental loan status,information about any transaction you conduct or submit to on or through theServices, and other information that would allow online or offline contact withyou as an individual (collectively, “Personal Information”).  We may alsocollect information that you provide to us about other people (such as familymembers or co-borrowers in the case of www.studyvisaservice.com), including, butnot limited to, their names, postal addresses, telephone numbers, mobilenumbers, and email addresses for purposes of fulfilling the purposes for whichyou provide such information.

Non-Personal Information:  We also collect Usage Information(as defined below) and other information from and about you that does notpersonally identify you or allow us or others to contact you individuallyonline or offline ("Non-P ersonally Identifiable Information" or"Non-PII"). We may combine Non-PII with other information in a waythat allows you to be identified or personally contacted. If this happens, wewill treat the combined inform ation as Personal Information.

How We Collect Information:  We may collect information from you in the following ways:

Information Provided by You.  We collect information provided by you when you (1) inquire about or obtain our services or products;(2) communicate with us or request information about or from us, whether viaemail or other means; (3) fill out forms or fields on the Services; (4)register as a user or sign-up for any of our newsletters, materials or servicesthrough the Services; (5) enter into online transactions; (6) create profiles;(7) provide college reviews or participate in our online surveys or questionnaires;(8) input information into our interactive programming features or participatein our online forums; (9) participate in any of our marketing initiatives,including contests, scholarship offers, events, or promotions; and (10) post tothe Services or provide user-generated content or submissions to us, includingwithout limitation media files, photos, videos, documents or other information,and contributions to a chat room, list serve, blog, or other open forum orcommunity feature that we make available on the Services ("UserContributions").

Information from Other Sources. We may collect informationabout you from other services that we may provide, our affiliates, third-partyor public sources (such as from public forums, social networks, and blogs),other users of the Services, and our business partners.

Automatic Information Collection. We and our serviceproviders use automatic data collection technologies to collect and store UsageInformation (as defined below). This information helps us evaluate how ourvisitors use and navigate the Site on an aggregate basis, including but notlimited to the number and frequency of visitors to each Site, and the length oftheir visits. We may combine this automatically collected log information withother information we collect about you. We do this to improve services we offeryou, to improve marketing, analytics, or site functionality.  We also mayallow third-party advertising companies and ad networks to use automatic datacollection technologies to collect Usage Information for purposes of providing interest-basedads. See the Automatic Information Collected Technologies and Usage Informationand the Third-Party Advertisers and Interest-Based Ads sections for moreinformation.

How We Use the Information that We Collect

We may use your information, including Personal Information, to:

Provide products and services requested by you;

Provide customer support, including responding to yourrequests and questions and troubleshooting and resolving problems or complaints,and for any other purposes that we deem appropriate;

Verify the information you provide to us;

Communicate with you;

Confirm your identity and eligibility to use the Services;

Establish and manage your account, as applicable;

Perform research and analysis to develop and improve theServices and other products and services that we may offer;

Understand and anticipate your use of or interest in, ourproducts, services, and content, and the products, services, and contentoffered by others;

Develop and display products, services, and contenttailored to your interests on the Services and other online properties;

Measure the overall effectiveness of our onlineadvertising, content, and programming, and other activities;

Offer you personalized information and products, services,promotions, contests, or scholarships of ours, our affiliates, or ourthird-party business partners that may be of interest to you;

Manage our business and operations;

We use the information we automatically collect (such ascontact information, IP address and basic browser and system details) to helpus optimize our sites and the services we offer on the Sites and may offer inthe future;

To provide you with a customized browsing experience;

Protect the security and integrity of the Services;

Carry out our obligations and enforce our rights arisingfrom this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Use and any other applicable agreementsand policies;

Use or post User Contributions as permitted in our Termsof Use; and

Fulfill any other purposes for which you provide yourinformation and for any other purpose as described to you at the time yourinformation is collected or for which your consent is given.

Our Sharing Practices

We may disclose or share information from or about you,including your Personal Information, as follows:

With ISS GROUP’ affiliated companies (i.e., companies thatcontrol, are controlled by, or are under common control with us) for support ofour internal and business operations, for cross-marketing purposes or inconnection with a request made by you or your opt-in or consent.

With our non-affiliated third-party business partners,service providers, and vendors to enable them to assist us in providing you theproducts or services you request through the Services or to provide us withsupport for our internal and business operations, such as customer service,data processing, data storage, research, analytics, web hosting, marketing,providing suggestions and strategies to improve our business processes and theservices we provide, and delivery of promotional or transactionalmaterials.  We may provide your personal information to companies thatprovide services to help us with our business activities such as offeringcustomer service. These companies are authorized to use your PersonalInformation only as necessary to provide these services to us. With othernon-affiliated companies, parties, or organizations (with whom we maintainbusiness relationships) when you engage in certain activities through theServices or services that are sponsored or provided by them, including, but notlimited to requesting or purchasing products or services offered by these thirdparties, electing to receive information or communications from them, orelecting to participate in contests, sweepstakes, games, scholarships, or otherprograms sponsored or provided by these third parties, in whole or inpart.  For example, if you provide us with Personal Information for thepurposes of being matched with an educational institution, we share yourinformation with the educational institutions with whom you are matched so thatthey may contact you regarding educational or related opportunities. When wedisclose your information to these third parties, your information will becomesubject to the information use and sharing practices of these third parties,and these third parties will not be restricted by this Privacy Policy withrespect to their use and further sharing of your information.

If you submit information to an advertiser or other thirdparty that is made available on or through ISS GROUP, the information obtainedduring your visit to that advertiser’s website, and the information you give tothe advertiser will be governed by the advertiser’s privacy policy. For furtherinformation on such advertiser’s use of your information, please visit theapplicable privacy policy of such advertisers. Advertisers made available onthis site have separate policy practices for which ISS GROUP Study Visa Servicehas no responsibility or liability.

In addition, from time to time, we may share PersonalInformation (such as e-mail addresses and other contact information such asname, email address and phone number) with selected third parties, so they mayoffer educational or non-educational goods and services that we believe may beof interest to our customers. To opt-out of our sharing of your informationwith such third parties, see the Your Choices about How We Use and DiscloseYour Information section.

With any person who, in our reasonable judgment, isauthorized to receive your information, such as your agent, attorney, parent,legal guardian, or co-signor of a loan application.

We may disclose information we collect from or about you whenwe believe disclosure is appropriate to comply with the law; when we believethat disclosure is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding, court orderor other similar legal process served on our Site; to enforce or applyapplicable terms and conditions and other agreements; or to protect the rights,property, or safety of our company, our affiliates, our other customers orusers of the Services, or others.  If some or all of our business assetsare sold or transferred, whether through a sale, acquisition, merger,consolidation, reorganization, bankruptcy, or other corporate change involvingus and/or our affiliates, we may transfer the corresponding informationregarding our customers and users of the Services, including PersonalInformation, to third parties evaluating or facilitating the transaction. Wealso may retain a copy of such information. Nothing in this Privacy Policy isintended to interfere with our ability to transfer all or part of our business,equity interests, or assets (including the Services) to an affiliate ornon-affiliated third party at any time, for any purpose, without anylimitation, and without notice or any compensation to you, whatsoever.

We cannot ensure that all of your private communicationsand other Personal Information will never be disclosed in ways not otherwisedescribed in this Policy. For example, we may be forced to disclose informationto the government or third parties under certain circumstances, third partiesmay unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications, orusers may abuse or misuse your personal information that they unlawfullycollect from the Site. We will try to protect your privacy; however, we do notpromise, and you should not expect, that your Personal Information or privatecommunications will always remain private.



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