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Study Visa Service website is owned by a private entity and created with the objective to provide latest study abroad information and information to prospective students who intend to go abroad for higher studies. There are a few basic terms we would like our users to read and understand while using this website or our mobile app.

We are a private entity

Study Visa Service is a private entity and we are not linked with any government or other private organization in any way. We are not funded by any third party. 

Foreign Institutes

You might find information about different universities and colleges on Study Visa Service. However, keep in mind that any information given is provided independently by us. We don’t endorse any university in Pakistan or Abroad. All the information provided for the basic guidance of the user. It is essential that a student must visit any institution’s official website before making a decision. Mostly Information collected from the website of University or University or its representative upload the details on our website. We are not recommending any institute around the world and not responsible at all. we have created a database of thousands of Institutes around the world to facilitate our valued clients, students and Study Abroad consultants..

We don’t represent or endorse any consultant

One of the main objectives of Study Visa Service is to link study abroad consultants with prospective students. Therefore, we have created a database of thousands of studies abroad consultant’s operation in Pakistan. Note that these consultants work independently and Study Visa Service does not represent of endorse any of the study abroad consultants. All the students are strongly advising to deal with any of the study abroad agents purely on their own responsibility.We don’t get any commission or benefit from any study abroad consultants base don your admission as the study abroad consultants deal with each student directly without our involvement or financial benefit. We have discovered different news of some consultants not giving committed services to the students. Therefore, be warned, each student deals directly with each consultant.Study Visa Service is not responsible for any study abroad consultant.

Information Accuracy

We work hard in updating Study Visa Service on daily basis. There is a lot of information that is updated every day. Some of the information is updated by our team. However, there are areas which get populated by user generated content. Studying Abroad is an important decision of life. We do try our best to keep all the information updated and accurate to the maximum level. Still it is extremely important that you verify each piece of information from other sources, consult university or other organization directly before making a study abroad decision.


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